5 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinets In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

2021-11-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Company Palos Verdes Estates CA 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinets In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

When thinking about giving your kitchen a makeover, how your kitchen cabinets look has to be at the top of your priorities.

The cabinetry serves as the focal point of their kitchens for most homes, so styling it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

With the multitude of ways, you can design and decorate your kitchen cabinets, choosing which one is the best for you can get a bit confusing.

To help you, we’ve narrowed down a few suggestions you can select from.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Kitchen Cabinets In Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

1. Visualize The Outcome

If you want to give your kitchen cabinets – and the rest of your kitchen, for that matter – a makeover, then start by visualizing how you want it to look.

Do you want to give it an entire remodel or just give it a fresh repaint?

Are you going for a new style or theme?

What vibe do you want your cabinetry to give off?

Taking all of these into consideration can help you find the right style easier.

Planning out what you want beforehand saves you a lot of time and money, so be sure to give it a lot of thought to avoid any unnecessary headaches.

2. Play With Color!

One of the most inexpensive and most accessible ways to spice up your kitchen cabinets is to give it a fresh new paint job.

Depending on what color you want to paint your cabinets, you can change up the ambiance of your kitchen.

Go for soft, bright colors if you want your cabinets to look welcoming and have a youthful vibe to them.

For a more mature and modern atmosphere, opt for darker shades such as navy or gray.

Whether you want it to look fun and casual or sleek and sophisticated – the choice is all yours!

3. Maximize Your Storage With Style

Your cabinets’ primary purpose is to be a storage space for your various kitchen equipment.

As such, if your cabinetry is designed to have some extra space above it, then you can use it to your advantage.

You can place cute storage organizers, bowls, or baskets on top of your cabinets to give it a nice well-put look.

Not only will it add to the visual aspects of your cabinets, but it can also help you add extra storage space for maximum functionality.

Talk about making the most of what you have!

4. Incorporate A Garden

Do you want to use the extra area above your kitchen cabinets other than for extra storage?

It’s time to grow an indoor garden!

Incorporating an indoor garden above your cabinets is a fun way to decorate if you enjoy taking care of plants.

You can opt to plant low-light or low-maintenance ornamental plants to add zing to your kitchen.

Better yet, you can try and grow your own herbs to get the freshest ingredients!

Please make sure the pots you use don’t leak water into your cabinets, though, as they may damage the wood in the long term and give you problems in the future.

5. Bring Back The Vintage Vibe

Maybe you’re too overwhelmed with the current trends or just feel like newer styles aren’t your cup of tea.

Not to worry, vintage-styled cabinets are timeless classics that you can always turn to for a homely kitchen.

Opt for more muted or paler shades on wood and switch the handles to rounded doorknobs to give your cabinets a nostalgic touch.

You could also always turn to the internet for more ideas for this particular look.


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