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7 Basement Painting Tricks To Remember in Rolling Hills, CA

There are of course a lot of things that you can do with your basement – it can be turned into an entire other apartment that you can use as a form of passive income, make it a bedroom for your family, and more.

When you’re looking to improve the look of your basement, you may want to make the time to paint the walls and this is especially the case if it has been awhile since the walls were painted.

Let’s now look at and consider seven basement painting tricks to remember in Rolling Hills, CA


1. Use Primer

One important thing that you should bear in mind when you’re painting your basement is to make sure that you first apply a coat of primer before you apply your first coat of paint.

The reason that this is the case is that you’re going to want to make sure that the paint that you apply to your walls stays on quite well and for longer periods of time and these are all covered very nicely when you use primer.

Primer has qualities that make it have more adhesive properties as far as surfaces go – and that’s important to keep the paint that you apply on it for longer periods of time.

2. Use Lighter Colors

Thought it’s entirely possible that you’re going to have a lot of lighting in your basement, you nevertheless are going to want to think about how you might want to make use of lighter colors in painting your basement.

By making use of lighter colors your basement will have a lighter appearance as it were and it will be less of a dank and dreary sort of atmosphere… unless that’s what you are aiming to have?

3. Ventilate Properly

As you can imagine, the basement might be one of the more difficult areas that you’re going to be painting in terms of getting fresh air.

Though you might make use of paint that doesn’t have the most powerful fumes, you nevertheless must ventilate when you are painting.

Even if you have absolutely no windows in your basement you should find ways to do this even if it means having the door wide open and turning a large exhaust fan on by the door.

4. Protect Before You Paint

In painting your basement, there are fundamentally going to be two kinds of protection that you should bear in mind.

One is to protect yourself — wearing protective clothing and face masks and goggles and the like – so that you are protected from the hazards of painting.

The other of course is to protect the area being painted so that you don’t get paint everywhere that it does not belong.

5. Use The Right Kind Of Paint Based On Use

Though of course there are many kinds of paint that you’re going to be able to use for your painting project but you should know that they all won’t properly work.

For example, if you want to use your room as a sort of mini-apartment for one of your kids you should use a paint that can be more easily cleaned.

6. Clean Your Basement

You should probably realize that it’s well worth having a clean surface upon which to paint before you being the painting process but did you know the general area near where you’re painting should also be clean?

This is because if you have things in the way they will impede with the painting process and might well get your surfaces to be painted dirty!

7. Plan Your Painting Project

If you don’t make a plan for your painting success it’s the same as planning for a painting project failure.

You need to plan your project so that you know how much paint you’re going to need and when you will be painting and even just allowing surfaces to dry.

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