2022-01-26 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Living Room Cabinet Painting Tips

7 Living Room Cabinet Painting Tips To Use in Rolling Hills, CA

In looking to update the look of your home, you may look around and realize that the cabinets in your living room haven’t been updated since you got them who knows how many years ago.

Of course, if you want to make sure that your living room cabinets look as good as possible, it’s important that you make the time to periodically paint them – and even if they already look fine but you just want to change up the look by taking on a different color or colors, that’s perfectly okay as well!

Here are seven living room cabinet painting tips to use in Rolling Hills, CA

1. Choosing A Color Before You Start To Paint

One thing that you should think about doing before you start painting is what color or colors you are going to use to apply to your cabinets.

Though there are quite a few colors that you’re going to be able to use when you are painting the cabinets, you should be careful to choose colors that are going to be somewhat complementary to the other colors in the room.

2. Clean The Area Where You Are Painting

In terms of getting your room fully ready for the painting of the cabinets, you are going to have to make sure that you clean the area where the painting is going to take place.

This is a good idea even if you’re going to be covering the area with tarps and/or drop cloths, which of course you’re going to want to do in order to protect the floor and other areas.

3. Make Sure To Also Clean The Cabinets

Speaking of cleaning, you are going to need to make the time to clean the cabinets that are going to be painted as well.

This might even be one of the more critical parts of the painting process, as you aren’t going to want to try to paint over dirty cabinets – it just is not going to be the look you’re going to want to go for.

The best thing to do is to clean the cabinets properly and then allow them to dry – and we will discuss the importance of this momentarily.

4. Remove Doors And Drawers Before You Paint

If you’re going to want to make sure that you have painted your cabinets properly, you should also remove fully the doors and drawers of the cabinets.

By doing this, you will have better access to the cabinets and on top of this you will be able to more easily paint these things that you remove.

5. Carefully Store The Hardware

One issue that people have is that when they remove the hardware from their living room cabinets, they tend to forget where they have put them and as such, they have an issue finding them alter.

By carefully storing the hardware, you will be less likely to misplace the hardware and you might even realize that your cabinets could look a bit better with other hardware… another topic for another day, of course.

6. Allow Time For Surfaces To Dry

As mentioned above, you are going to have times in the process of painting your cabinets getting painted that will get them wet or even moist.

When this happens, you are going to have to let them fully dry before you move on to the next step or you will have major painting problems.

7. Wear Protective Equipment

Lastly, remember that the process of painting your living room cabinets is going to be one full of things like dust and the fumes of paint, and as such you should wear protective clothing and equipment.

Ideally, you’re not going to want to wear clothing that you will worry about if it gets dirty, as well as protective equipment such as a good face mask so you’re not inhaling the dust that comes about from sanding, and especially goggles to keep things out of your eye area.

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