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7 Tips For Painting The Ceiling Without Getting Paint On The Wall in Rolling Hill, CA

When you’re looking to paint your ceiling, one of the biggest problems that can come up is that you can inadvertently get paint on the wall as well — even without meaning to.

You might think that getting paint on the walls is a necessary byproduct of painting your ceiling — but we shall have a close examination of the different ways that you can actually accomplish a well painted ceiling without having a lot of paint on your walls as well.

Let’s now look at and consider seven tips for painting the ceiling without getting paint on the wall in Rolling Hill, CA.

1. Make Use Of An Accubrush

First, there is the kind of paintbrush that is known as an accubrush — and if you’re thinking that you know what this brush does based on its name, you’re probably right.

An accubrush is an excellent kind of paintbrush that is quite accurate in terms of the application of the paint — it will get the paint where you want it to go and nowhere else.

That said, you aren’t going to be exclusively using the accubrush for painting the areas of your ceiling that are closest to the wall — it would be not such a good idea to paint your entire ceiling as that would take quite a long time to do.

2. Use Painter’s Tape

Another thing that you can do to protect your walls from getting paint on them is to make good use of painter’s tape.

Typically, the use of painter’s tape is to protect just about anything from paint and is often used in protecting smaller things but it can also be used in saving corners and the like.

Here, for example, you can take care of all of the intersections where the ceiling meets the walls to protect the walls.

3. Use Ceiling Paint

Of course, there’s a kind of paint for just about every sort of painting that you’re going to want to do and the question is whether you should really put in the money to get a special kind of paint that is meant for ceilings.

The reason that it is specially made for ceilings is that it is flatter and less likely to drip and additionally, a bit better in going on exactly where you put it — which makes it easier to apply to your ceilings without getting it on your walls.

4. Remove Everything From The Room

The more things you have in your room when you are painting, the more difficult it is to paint the room — this is a general truth and not just something related to keeping paint off of the walls.

It’s going to be a lot easier to keep the paint off the walls when you don’t have the furniture in the way — try to remove as much of it as possible prior to starting the painting process.

5. Use A Paint Roller For Most Of Your Painting

The majority of your painting for the ceiling should be done with a paint roller — it is really good for spreading paint in a flat manner relatively quickly without getting it on the wall.

This is to contrast with things like a paint sprayer, which is also good at getting paint places… but is also good at getting paint places you don’t want it to be, such as the wall.

6. Paint More Slowly

Though of course, you are likely to think this is going to be difficult and a bit annoying it is actually good to paint at a slower pace.

This is good for avoiding mistakes in general but here in particular, for avoiding getting paint on the walls.

7. Consider A Pad Edge Painter

Lastly, if you are really looking to get the paint on your ceilings without getting it on your walls, look at getting a pad edge painter.

This is another kind of specialty painting tool that will help you paint the specific areas of the ceiling without getting it on your walls.

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