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7 Tips For Painting Your Kitchen On A Budget in Rolling Hill, CA

When you’re looking to update the look of your kitchen and are thinking about painting as one of your best choices in terms of transforming the look, one thing that you’re going to come across is how very much it can sometimes cost.

When you approach your kitchen painting project correctly, you’re going to be able to get the project done not only in a timely manner but also for a good price — at or under your budget, that is.

Let’s look at seven tips for painting your kitchen on a budget in Rolling Hill, CA

1. Planning Out The Project In Advance

One thing that’s going to help you get your kitchen painted on a budget is to make sure that you plan the entire project out in advance.

Though it may seem like there’s no connection between a well-planned painting project and having your kitchen painted on a budget, there is — for you need to be able to know how much paint you’re going to need as well as what supplies and other hardware before you start.

By having this all before you start you will know that you aren’t going to spend too much money on paint and supplies as you will only get what you need for the project.

2. Use Quality Paint Brushes

Though upfront you’re looking at spending a bit more money when you get quality paint brushes you are ultimately going to be saving money on your paint job.

The reason that this is the case is that cheaper paintbrushes tend to be more difficult to use and additionally will possibly lead to parts of the brush ending up in the paint itself, which would be disastrous.

3. Do Not Rush

Another seemingly innocent aspect of painting is how some people will figure out how long it is going to take to paint their kitchen and then in an effort to make it go by faster will rush the painting.

This is a mistake and will lead to your painting project costing more — for in rushing, you are more prone to making mistakes that will then have to be corrected and all the extra time will cost you money.

4. Minimize The Number Of Colors You Use

The more colors you have involved in your kitchen painting project, the more it is ultimately going to cost you.

By having fewer colors (possibly one) you will reduce the overall price of your kitchen painting project.

5. Consider Paint Deals

The price of paint you will be buying is fairly fixed depending on where you buy it, but if you know where you can get a good deal it’s certainly going to be better for your overall budget.

There are for example places where people donate paint that is excess that is then sold at a great discount — these are not-for-profit places like Habitat for Humanity that wants to help people with housing… so by supporting them you’re also supporting a good cause.

6. Know Where You Can Go Cheap

As mentioned above, you don’t want to go cheap when it comes to buying a paintbrush or a paint roller as it is ultimately going to look bad when you are painting.

There are many places where it is perfectly okay to go a bit cheaper — if you use rags that you already have in the house instead of purchasing canvas drop cloths, for example, you will be able to protect from paint drips but not spend a lot of money.

7. Perhaps An Accent Wall

Lastly, a way to get yourself a well painted kitchen if you are not painting for the purpose of replacing a previous paint job that is now either worn out or looking not so great.

If you can manage to paint only an accent wall and have the kitchen still look good, you will save quite a bit on the overall project.

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