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7 Tricks For Lessening A Mess When Painting Your Kitchen in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

When you’re looking at painting your kitchen, you already have a fairly difficult task ahead of you — there are so very many things that can go wrong, one of which is that you can easily make a mess during the process of painting.

The good thing to know is that if you are careful about it and make use of certain strategies, you can avoid such messes during the painting process.

Let’s look at seven tricks for avoiding a mess when painting your kitchen in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

1. Cleaning Sanding Dust After Sanding

One of the important steps that you are going to have to take when you’re preparing to paint your kitchen is to sand — and with the sanding of any surface comes the sanding dust.

It’s critical that you always clean the sanding dust off of the surface as well as the area around where you are going to be painted because it’s almost a guarantee that if you don’t do so, you’re going to end up with this sanding dust on your kitchen walls.

2. Using Primer Before Painting

If you want to have a well painted kitchen, you have to make the time to apply primer to the surface of the walls before you put the first coat of paint — and it may be the only coat of paint, but that’s an entirely different matter.

The reason that primer is related to avoiding a mess is that when you use primer, your paint will adhere much better — and that makes for less of a mess during the painting process.

3. Stirring Paint In A Disposable Bag

Think about what it’s like to stir paint — you’re pretty much going to spill a little paint even if you are super careful with your stirring, right?

If you take that same paint bucket that is being stirred and put it into a bag, that mess will still be there but it will be contained in the bag.

4. Painting Slowly

If you really want to have a well painted kitchen, one of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you paint slowly and carefully.

Sometimes people will paint in a bit of a rush because they want to get the painting done and over with — but this is a mistake because it will often end up with you making painting errors that you would not make if you would just paint more slowly.

5. Avoid Cheap Paint Brushes And Rollers

Sometimes you look for ways to cut the cost of your painting project, but going cheap with paintbrushes and paint rollers is not going to be the best way to go about doing it.

The problem with these paint brushes and rollers is that they very well could make the painting process more difficult and slow — and parts of the brush or roller could even be found in the paint as it could break off during the painting process.

To avoid this, make use of paintbrushes and paint rollers that are at least moderately priced.

6. Remove Anything That Isn’t Needed

One thing that could possibly impede the painting process and not help you as you are painting, it’s things that are in your kitchen that can be removed.

The more you are able to remove from the room, the less you will be impeded and the less of a chance you will have of making a mess.

7. Use Paint Trays

Lastly, if you want to make sure that you are less likely to spill paint you should not try painting directly from the paint buckets but rather from paint trays.

By using a paint tray, paint is applied more evenly and you will make less of a mess.

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