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9 Questions to Ask Each Painting Contractor at the Estimate in Rolling Hills, CA

When hiring a painting contractor to repaint the exterior of your stucco home, it can seem like a daunting task to think of all the questions you should be asking each contractor who provides an estimate.

Then, of course, there is remembering them, and the contractor’s answers!

Let this be a useful guide to you as you navigate through the hiring process for your painting project.

Let’s now look at and consider 9 Questions to Ask Each Painting Contractor at the Estimate in Rolling Hills, CA

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The more years a contractor has been in business means more security for you.

It can go a long way in helping you feel confident that the contractor will be around in years to come and has already stood the test of time and isn’t a “fly by night” or “here today, gone tomorrow” untrustworthy contractor.

2. Do You Have References?

Always ask for references and see what they provide.

You’ll want to check out Google Reviews on each contractor as well.

If there was a negative review, see how they handled it.

With character?

Did they blame the customer or did they respond with ownership and integrity?

3. What Is Your Process for Painting the Exterior? (Or Interior, Cabinets, Etc, Whichever Applies to Your Project.)

By knowing the process for each contractor, you can get a clearer picture of whether or not you can compare apples to apples for each bid you received against the other bids.

Did one company say they look for cracks in the stucco first and then apply an elastomeric patch while another company completely skip this step?

It makes a huge difference in quality and you’ll be able to note the difference.

4. Will You Protect the Shrubs Around My Home and How?

Does the contractor cover the shrubs with tarps while pressure washing and during the painting of the exterior?

This should be hearty, “Yes, and here’s how…”

5. Are You Licensed and Insured?

The last thing you need is a contractor who isn’t insured, getting injured on the job and then creating a liability for you and your savings.

Ask for the license and insurance information.

Then, call the insurance company to make certain they are current and up to date and it’s not an old insurance card that is expired or canceled due to non-payment.

6. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

A reputable company will always offer some type of guarantee.

Some companies even offer yearly touch-ups for free with certain packages.

Ask each contractor so you can compare apples to apples.

You’ll also want to ask if the guarantee includes labor and materials or just materials.

7. Do I Need to Be Home While the Work Is Being Done?

At times, you may want to be at home, but hiring a reputable contractor you trust, means you won’t have to be.

But be sure to ask Question 8, so you will come up with a plan for when the garage door gets painted!

8. When Will You Need Access to the Garage?

During an exterior repaint, the garage door will need to be painted.

When this is done, the contractor will need to be able to open the door for two reasons: 

1. To apply paint to the top and bottom of each section of the garage

2. To make sure the paint doesn’t dry the garage door shut for good!

The paint is surprisingly strong and if the doors get painted shut, the whole door will have to be sanded, reprimed, and painted.

9. When Do You Take Payment?

Be on the alert for companies that demand full upfront payments.

A reputable contractor will ask for around 50% down in order to place you on the schedule.

This assures him he will have work for his crew if he takes your job and there won’t be a sudden unplanned vacation for any of his crew if the client decides not to paint the day the project is scheduled to start.

This also confirms your project start time.

And alas, we’ve come to the end of this guide for what questions to ask each painting contractor at the estimate. 

What questions would you add to this list?

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