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Choosing The Right Kitchen Paint To Use In Rolling Hills, CA

In any home painting project (whether it’s taking place on the interior or exterior of your home) there are a number of factors that will go into play once you have determined exactly where the painting will take place.

One such location is your kitchen, which can be said to be one of the highest traffic rooms in the house due to the fact that the average family will be spending a good amount of time preparing (and in some case eating) food on a daily basis — sort of a human need!

Choosing the right paint for the painting project is one of these factors, and when you’re painting your kitchen you have to take into consideration a few things before making this choice.

Let’s have a look at some tips for choosing the right paint to use when you’re painting your kitchen.

1. Mold Resistance

When you’re working in a kitchen, you’ll no doubt notice a greater amount of water being used than in just about any other room save for the bathroom.

If you’re concerned about mold or mildew making its way into your kitchen and onto your kitchen surfaces, one thing that you can do to help stave it off is to make use of paint that is resistant to it.

Bear in mind that the mold resistance is only going to be good for so long and no paint will be entirely resistant against mold forever, so it bears checking for any sign of mold or mildew periodically and keeping your kitchen clean.

2. Color / Colors

An important choice that you’re going to have to make when you’re painting your kitchen walls is that of color, and for that, you really have only a few choices.

One is that if you are only looking to touch up the color of the walls that is already there, you are in luck so to speak because all you need to do is to go and find the same or similar color — you don’t have to worry any further when it comes to the color.

However, if you are thinking of changing up the color of the walls you will want to have a good look around the room and think about what things are in the kitchen with which your walls will be contrasting and coordinating.

Some people find that by getting a few color samples, you will be able to get a better idea of how the color will look in the room in a number of different lighting conditions and this is the case — much better than paint strips.

3. Gloss

In terms of painting any given interior room, you are going to have to think about the gloss of the paint as it will have an effect on how the walls will ultimately look and the ease with which you are going to be able to clean your walls on a regular basis if you need to do so.

You will find that flat paint may be really good in terms of not having so much of a shiny surface, which can appear to be quite nice, and it also has the quality of hiding surface flaws better than other sorts of paint, and yet it will be quite a lot more difficult to clean than glossier paints — indeed, some have found that flat paint actually will come off of the wall while you try to clean rather than just the stain you want to remove.

Better success is more often found with glossy paint, which has a glossy surface and can be cleaned with something as simple as a cloth that has been moistened or even had some liquid cleaning solution applied to it.

Given how often kitchen walls can get messy this is likely to be a better choice.

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