2023-03-26 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Craft Room Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Craft Room Painting Mistakes To Avoid in Rolling Hills, CA

Your craft room can be one of the most lovely rooms in your whole home where you can exercise your creativity and make works of art — and yet when you are getting the room ready, you can easily make it look less than pleasant.

However, the good news is that you can avoid making certain painting mistakes that would not only possibly make your room look less nice, but also make your project to paint it take longer and cost more.

With all that being the case, let’s have a look at some craft room painting mistakes to avoid when you are trying to make for a better painted craft room.

1. Leaving Your Floor Unprotected

If you are going to be painting your craft room and you leave your floor entirely unprotected, you can guarantee that you are going to have paint stains all over your floor.

It’s entirely possible that you are going to think of your craft room as one in which any artistic expression is okay, so that might be fine for you.

However, if you are of the opinion that the art that you make in the room should be the only expression that happens and not the paint that accidentally gets spilled on the floor during the painting process, you should know that it’s possible to prevent the staining by putting down a heavy drop cloth.

This will stop paint from getting on the floor and will be better than a tarp at not sliding around as you go from one part of the room to another.

2. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

When you’re looking to paint your craft room, there are a few choices that you’re going to have as far as the type of paint you are going to use.

However, you will be the best at determining which is going to be right for your craft room — and a lot of it has to do with if you are planning on cleaning your walls, and how often.

When trying to clean your craft room walls you will have an easier time if you have glossier surfaces — flat paint leads to surfaces that aren’t shiny and do a better job concealing surface damage but is much more difficult to clean.

In any case, you are going to want to make use of interior paint and not exterior paint — exterior paint has qualities that are entirely without use on the interior of your home.

3. Not Allowing Surfaces To Dry

When you paint any surface, you should know that there are a number of steps involved with its painting starting with how you prepare the surface prior to applying the paint.

However, you should also know that once you have applied the primer or the paint to that surface, you can’t just immediately move onto the next coat of paint (or the first coat if you have only applied the primer.)

Rather, you are going to need to allow time for the surface to dry before you go to the next step — and not doing this can be one of the biggest mistakes that you make.

If you try to apply a second coat of paint to a still wet first coat of paint, you will start to partially remove that first coat, and then the end result is a mix of the two that really does not look good at all.

Make the time to wait for that first coat or the primer to dry (or even just the surface to dry after you’ve cleaned it) and you will find yourself with a much better painted craft room.

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