Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

2023-03-11 Cooley Brothers Painting Palos Verdes Estates CA Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tricks

Dining Room Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

When you’re looking to update the look of your dining room, painting the cabinets in your dining room may be one good way to go about doing it.

Since dining room cabinets can be a bit difficult to work with, it’s useful to learn about how to better paint them — and keep them looking good for longer.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some dining room cabinet painting tricks to learn that will make for a better looking dining room cabinet.

1. Use primer

One thing that’s going to be a tremendous help to you when you are looking to paint your dining room cabinet is to make sure that you apply a coat of primer before you apply your first coat of paint.

The reason that paint is so good when it is on primer as opposed to when you apply it to the bare surface of the cabinets, even if they have been properly sanded, is that primer has a certain adhesive property that allows the paint to stay on it longer.

By using a primer before you use paint, you will ensure that your paintwork will last considerably longer than if you don’t — and it will make it go on more easily as well.

2. Two Coats Of Paint

To some extent, having a second coat of paint may not always be necessary — you will very well know this is or isn’t the case after the first coat has dried.

When you have a good look at your dining room cabinet and realize that it just doesn’t look like the color is what you want it to be, it’s entirely possible that it will require a second coat of paint.

As mentioned above, this is going to have to happen after you have finished allowing your first coat of paint to dry — to do otherwise is to basically invite a sort of catastrophe into your home as it will really wreck the paintwork that you have done and require you to strip off a lot of the ruined paint and start again.

3. Clear Coat Of Paint To Cover

One of the ways that you can make your cabinet look nice once you have finished applying the last coat of paint and have allowed it to dry is to apply a clear coat on top of that.

The clear coat will help to protect the cabinet from time and the effects that wear and tear are going to have on your cabinet.

Of course, this is not really so much a necessary step as one that will just help you with protecting your cabinet.

4. Fan For Drying

Earlier we discussed how important it is for your cabinet to spend some time drying after you have applied each coat whether it is the primer or the paint.

It’s even important to let your cabinet dry after you have just properly cleaned it — for you will sometimes have to clean the cabinet with water just to get some of the dirt off of it.

With a fan, you will cut the time that is needed to dry the cabinet or cabinets significantly.

5. Brush For Paint Application

Lastly, remember that if you want to properly apply paint to your cabinet you are going to be best off making use of a brush and not a roller.

Of course you will be able to apply paint to your cabinet or cabinets using a roller, but the issue is that you are going to see some strokes on the cabinet that will make it evident that a roller was used in painting.

By painting with a brush your cabinet will look significantly better.

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