2023-01-11 Cooley Brothers Painting Palos Verdes Estates CA Living Room Accent Wall Tips

Living Room Accent Wall Painting Tips To Learn In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

You may be well aware of the fact that when you’re working on making your living room look nicer, you can do well for yourself with an accent wall.

The accent wall is nice and the good thing to know is that if you make the time to properly learn the painting of your accent wall, you can make it look significantly better than if you just sort of rush to get the painting work done.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some living room accent wall painting tips to learn for a better looking accent wall.

1. Using The Right Color Or Colors

One thing that you’re going to have to decide on when you’re painting your living room accent wall is what color or colors you are going to use.

The thing you should bear in mind is that the real meaning of an accent wall is that it will stand out from the other walls in the room, and that can be as simple as a color choice that contrasts with the other walls.

By making use of a color that contrasts well with the other wall, you will really be able to tell this one wall apart from the others and it will be a better look for your accent wall.

2. Cleaning After You Sand

As you may know, having a well painted wall means that you are going to want to have a smooth surface upon which you are going to be applying paint.

Though people will often tell you that it’s a good idea to sand your walls, what they won’t tell you is how important it is to clean your walls surfaces after you have finished sanding them.

The sanding dust that comes about after you have sanded your walls can be quite impressive but you don’t want to see that dust in the paint after you have sanded and so the best thing to do is to remove it and let your walls dry after you have finished.

3. Properly Let Surfaces Dry

As mentioned above, you will have to let your surfaces dry after you have cleaned the sanding dust from the surface of your wall, but this is not the only time you will need to let your surfaces dry.

Indeed, any time you have gotten the surface of your accent wall to be not dry you will have to wait for the surface to fully dry so that you can then move on to the next step of the painting process.

Not doing this would be quite a mistake, and will be the kind of thing that will make the difference between having a painting project that really looks nice and one that will look rather unpleasant.

4. Decorate After You Paint

Though you are of course more than welcome to choose the decorations that you could put up on your accent wall, the best time to put these decorations up on your wall is after you have finished painting.

There are some perhaps who might have framed images that they are going to want to put up on the wall and they will think that it’s okay to put up the images on the wall before they have painted, reasoning that they will just paint around the images.

This is a mistake, however, as you will find it significantly easier to paint with nothing on the wall and that trying to get around the images is going to be more trouble than it is worth — better to remove the images first.

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