2022-06-03 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Living Room Cabinet Painting Budget

Living Room Cabinet Painting On A Budget in Rolling Hills, CA

In getting ready to paint your living room cabinet, you may be thinking of a number of things that possibly could get in the way of your having a good painting project – and being unaware of the extent to which budget can have an impact on these kinds of projects is of course one of them.

You may wish to paint your living room cabinets in part because it’s better in terms of your budget as well as environmental considerations than replacing your cabinets entirely – but there are other things you can do during the painting process to bring down the overall price of the project as well.

Let’s have a look at some tips for living room cabinet painting on a budget.

1. Getting Paint When It Is On Sale

One thing that’s going to help you bring down the price of your living room cabinet painting project is to make sure that you aren’t just rushing to start with no plan at all.

That is, you should be thinking about when you are going to start and perhaps base it on looking at paint prices over time and wait to get it when it’s on sale.

Not having any sort of painting plan will likely lead you to rush in your goal to get paint and while there’s a chance you will get a good price on it, there’s also a possibility that you will pay more than if you make the time to look for such sales.

2. Painting More Slowly

In looking to paint your living room cabinets, it’s quite possible that you’ll find that a lot of painting faces you, and you are considering how you are going to want to get the painting project done more quickly.

However, the act of painting quickly is going to be one way that you will ultimately waste more paint in the process of painting, which will mean that you may have to purchase more… which of course is going to be costly to you.

Better to make sure that you take your time in painting your cabinets so that you don’t make such errors and therefore have to waste paint to correct them later on.

3. Borrowing Tools When Possible

You surely will realize that the process of painting living room cabinets requires a good amount of hardware — the tools that you will need in order to best paint them, that is.

If you think you are going to be later on painting other parts of the house (inside or out, that is) it may well be worth investing in the kind of hardware that you will need for painting, but if this is going to be your last painting project in the foreseeable future, it may not be quite so worth spending the money on equipment that will just sit in a utility closet untouched for years.

You would be better off finding friends who have these kinds of tools or perhaps a tool library where you will be able to borrow them with minimal cost.

4. Budget Hardware Replacement

Lastly, remember that part of painting your living room cabinets involves removing the hardware – the pulls from the doors and drawers, that is.

While you have these pulls removed, you can think about if there are pulls that are going to be better in how they look on the cabinets, but this doesn’t mean that you have to purchase new hardware.

Indeed, there are retail locations where you can buy hardware for your living room cabinets second hand, such as thrift stores where even though the hardware is not new, it can be of high quality for a good price!

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