2023-02-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Living Room Cabinet Painting Less Mess

Living Room Cabinet Painting With Less Mess In Rolling Hills, CA

The living room cabinet is a delightful thing — it can be a place where you keep some of your extra dishes that are often used there, and some people might even put a couple of board games there for safekeeping (and the fact that board games are sometimes played in the living room)

Though you might look at your living room cabinets and think that you need to replace them entirely if they’re not looking their best, this is not always necessary — sometimes a good paint job will get your cabinets looking better.

Of course, one small issue with painting cabinets is the mess that you may make — but the good thing that you should know is that there are things you can do to avoid making a lot of mess as you are painting.

Let’s have a look at some tips for painting living room cabinets with less mess

1. Removing The Hardware

One of the easiest ways that you can make for a less messy cabinet is to remove the hardware that is typically found on cabinets.

The reason that it can get messy when you’re painting cabinets is that people will try to paint around the hardware rather than remove it — their logic is that it takes so long to remove the hardware.

However, you will find that it almost always takes more time to leave the hardware on and try to paint around it, even when you have protected it with painter’s tape.

By taking the hardware off of your cabinet, you will find that not only do you get the painting done more efficiently but you also make for less of a mess.

2. Drop Cloth By Your Cabinets

When you are painting your cabinet, it’s entirely possible that you will want to just start painting and not prepare for the painting process by putting down protective materials that help to get paint not to get places where it is not meant to go.

Specifically, you are going to want to put something down on the floor near the cabinets where you are painting as the paint is most likely to drip down there.

If you can put down a good heavy drop cloth this is ideal as you will be sure not to move it around while you are walking close to your cabinet — but sometimes a good tarp will also work well.

3. Don’t Rush

While you are working on painting your cabinets, you are going to want to make sure that you don’t paint too quickly.

It’s often the case that people will look at a painting project like this one and they will want to paint rather quickly to get the project done sooner than not.

However, all this will end up doing is making a bit of a mess and there’s a good likelihood that you will make some significant painting mistakes, which will then have to be corrected.

It’s better to make the time to paint at a slower pace and therefore not have to clean up as much from not having made such a mess from painting.

4. Stir In A Bag That Is Disposable

It’s entirely possible that you will go into a paint store and see that they are mixing the paint in the store by shaking it — and for them, that’s great as they have a special kind of machine that can do this easily.

Stirring paint is much better for your paint than trying to shake it (you will avoid the bubbles that come with just trying to shake your own paint) and it’s better yet if you stir while the bucket is in a  disposable bag as the paint that comes out of the bucket will not splash onto the floor.

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