We have an approximately 2700 sq. ft. Craftsman home built in 1920 and with a 1999 period addition. The home has cedar siding, shingles and lots of wood trim. We had a premium quality Sherman Williams opaque stain and paints, plus marine grade varnish on the eves. There was a small amount of stucco work and painting of concrete porch wall caps. The crew also applied an opaque stained on our fence Cooley Brothers, put Benjamin and his crew on our very successful project. David Cooley inspected the project at the start and was reasonably avaible if we had questions during the work. The work with a few rain delays was completed close to the estimated time frame – there was lots of trim work! The crew performed a good job on their preparation work, we accepted spraying for the stain and paint, plus brush and roller work as needed to assure a good finish. Varnish work was brushed on as well as the trim painting. Ben and his team completed all punch list items with their consistent professional and cooperative attitude. We would recommend Cooley for other Craftsman home projects.