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Your home should be a place of comfort and your sanctuary, where visitors, family and friends would gather to share life. Homeowners throughout the South Bay region of LA, look to Cooley Brothers Painting as their choice for premium service and quality.


On the exterior of your home, a great paint job translates to beauty and brilliance. Cooley Brothers Painting is highly experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable about paint, style, look and feel, and our satisfied customers include some of the finest homes in the South Bay.


Cooley Brothers Painting has the experience to work on a variety of different scopes. From apartment complexes to complicated HOA and office building painting projects, we are one of the South Bay’s leaders in large painting projects.

Certified Professional & Affordable Painters Working in the South Bay 10+ Years

Cooley Brothers Painting prides itself on the quality of our painters and workmanship which is why we offer our clients a warranty of up to five years. We will provide you with complete warranty details when scheduling your service.

Residential Painting

Cooley Brothers Painting is pleased to work with homeowners, designers, architects, and builders to meet all your residential painting needs. Perhaps this is interior or exterior paint for a new home, perhaps you are renovating or remodeling, or perhaps one of your rooms needs a facelift. Cooley Brothers Painting can help. We know how inconvenient it can be to have someone in your home, we will help you select the right color, plan and schedule your service appointment, and create the best experience for you during the process.

HOA Painting

Cooley Brothers Painting specializes in working with contractors, developers, and builders associated with Home Owners Associations throughout Southern California. Our extensive team of painters can provide you with professional interior and exterior painting services. We are licensed, insured and bonded. We aim to be your painting contractor of choice when it comes to creating the new residential living communities of the future.

10+ Years Serving the South Bay
Family Owned and Operated
Certified Experienced Professionals
Eco-Friendly Painting Company

Family Owned Residential Painting Company

Cooley Brothers Painting is a full service, family-owned and operated painting company. We are pleased to be local, professional painters who can meet all your painting services needs, including residential painting and HOA commercial painting services. We offer both interior and exterior painting services.
As your local painting contractor, we serve all of the South Bay area. We take great pride in our team, the work that we do, and the experience you can expect as one of our customers. Since we opened our doors in 2009 we have remained committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Eco-Friendly Painting Services

California is leading the way in implementing rules and regulations that help reduce exposure to air pollutants and poor air quality through the California Air Resource Board. As part of these initiatives, there are new measures in place that limit the use of products that contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), fungicides, biocides, and color pigments.

We know that, now more than ever, clients are concerned with the indoor air quality of their home, and about ensuring that the products they choose to use in, and on, their home are environmentally friendly.

Using environmentally friendly products does not always reduce the odor associated with indoor painting. We go to great lengths to help customers plan for and schedule their painting services, and create the most convenient experience for you, your office, or your home environment.

We as local painters remain committed to providing low-emitting interior and exterior painting solutions and working with each client to have the best experience.

As a top quality painting specialist, we use proven products, specific techniques, and professional attention to detail to the best of our ability.

Skilled Professionals

Cooley Brothers Painting’s qualified house painters have the necessary skill sets and tools for proper surface preparation. We understand the broad range of paint and coating varieties. Our skilled and accredited professionals are able to diagnose and solve the unique challenges in each of the projects we handle.


With extensive painting experience in a variety of residences, from high-end homes to high-rise condos, Cooley Brothers Painting takes every step of precaution in our process. Our employees take great care in protecting all surfaces that are not being painted, and we thoroughly clean up our work areas at the end of each day.


The professional painters at Cooley Brothers Painting use only the best paints and techniques, and pay careful attention to every detail. We are always on point to prepare and repair each surface to make sure of the uniform finish and proper paint adhesion. We are also extra cautious in protecting your non-painted surfaces as well.

HOA and Commercial Painting Services

Cooley Brothers Painting Company is able to paint the following projects:

  • HOA/Multi-Family/Apartment Painting
  • Retail and Office Building Painting
  • Restaurants and Senior Care Painting

To help make sure that every project is managed properly, our project managers are assigned to a selected project and are there to assist and facilitate the following:

  • Pre-painting communication to residents/tenants
  • Safety notifications to all affected individuals and property
  • Specific timeline management
  • Detailed final walk around with owners/property manager
  • Warranty and customer service follow up