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Interior and Exterior Residential Painting

Homeowners throughout the Los Angeles area and South Bay region of LA, look to Cooley Brothers Painting for quality, professionalism, and value. As a specialist in interior house painting- decorative painting, and exterior painting, the best techniques to give you the best results and the desired look. We use proven products that are beautiful, eco-friendly, and can help you achieve the look you desire. We provide professional painters with care and attention to detail. With extensive experience in interior painting and exterior painting, we have worked on some of the finest residences, from high-end homes to high-rise condos.

The Cooley Brothers Painting qualified house painters have extensive experience in interior and exterior painting. Whether it is painting your living room, your kitchen cabinets, your stairway, or your entire home, we provide solutions, solve problems, and work with you throughout every stage of your project.

Our customers trust us to provide competitive pricing, reliable service, honest timelines and to take care of their home inside, and out during their project. Our employees take great pride in their work, and the homes in which they work, by keeping spaces clean, picking up job sites at the end of each day and protecting surfaces that are not being painted.

Commercial Painting

Cooley Brothers Painting specializes in interior and exterior painting services for HOA and residential projects. However, we can provide painting services for select projects including:

  • HOA/Multi-Family, Retail and Office Building Painting

To help make sure that every project is managed properly, Cooley Brothers Painting assigns customers to a specific project manager. These project managers will assist with and facilitate the following:

  • Pre-painting communication to residents/tenants
  • Safety notifications to all affected individuals and property
    Timeline management
  • Detailed final walk around with owners/property manager
    Warranty and customer service follow up

Quality Workmanship

Cooley Brothers Painting is also licensed, insured and bonded. Our workmanship speaks for itself, our reputation for quality remains unmatched in the industry because we believe in the services we provide, the team we have created, and the experience we facilitate for all our commercial painting projects.

HOA Painting Services

Cooley Brothers Painting Company is licensed, bonded and insured. We understand that insurance is valuable to protect our business, but by investing in bonds, we also provide our clients with a measure of protection. This allows us to work on large scale, high value projects and give our customers confidence in our work, workmanship, and talented team of painting professionals.

The benefits of working with Cooley Brothers Painting for your HOA Services includes:

  • Experienced team of professional painters including Foremen, Prep and Painting crew
  • Use of and access to lower prices on paint and architectural coatings that comply with California air quality regulations
  • Coordination with job site schedules and timelines
  • Benefit of working with a locally owned, owner operated business
  • Large and small painting crews
  • Expertise in both interior and exterior painting
  • Written Guarantee of Quality covering workmanship for 2 or 5 years
  • Competitive pricing
  • Safety assurance and OSHA compliant workforce

Experienced Professionals

We take tremendous pride in hiring skilled, professional journeyman level foreman. Our foremen have a minimum of 5 years experience and are competent to run a crew. Prep painters have a minimum of 3 years experience.

Best Application Techniques

Our painters have completed intense training with area paint manufacturers and have the expertise and know-how of the best application techniques for your home. They also participate in ongoing training, as available, to stay up to date on paint quality, styles and application techniques.

Our Process

To help make sure that every project is managed properly, the Cooley Brothers project managers assigned to a selected project are there to assist and facilitate the following:


Safety notifications to all affected individuals and property


Specific timeline management and deadlines management


Detailed final walk around with owners/property manager


Warranty for performed work and customer service follow up

Our House Painting Works

Cooley Brothers Painting has worked on some of the finest homes in the South Bay. Customers choose us because we help make your home more beautiful while providing the most convenient customer experience.
We strive to help customers plan for and schedule their house painting projects and provide realistic estimates and timelines. We take great care of the homes in which we work, and keep our work space clean, and clean up at the end of each day.
Repainting the interior or exterior of your home is a perfect way to enhance value and improve aesthetics. Repainting your home can also increase the quality of your home, especially if your previous architectural coating has faded away, begun to chip, or been damaged by weather, UV rays, and other environmental factors over time. We provide eco-friendly interior and exterior paint solutions that make your home beautiful and more comfortable to live in.