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5 Key Ways To Know If One Or Two Coats Of Paint Are Needed in Rolling Hills, CA

There are a lot of issues that one faces that is looking to paint their home, whether they are looking to paint the interior or exterior of their home.

One such issue comes when it is time to decide if you are going to be making use of one coat of paint or two — and it may surprise you to know that the answer isn’t always two, though it rarely is problematic if you use two where one would have done just fine.

Let’s now look at five key ways to know if one or two coats of paint are needed in Rolling Hills, CA.

1. Exterior Painting Gets Two

The first thing that you should know in terms of painting is that if you are looking to paint the exterior of your home, you pretty much are always going to need to apply two coats of paint and not just one.

The second coat of paint is pretty much guaranteed for exterior painting because of how the exterior elements affect your paintwork — and when you think about the kinds of rough weather that can be out there, you know that it takes a second coat of paint to protect your home exterior.

2. Brush Painting May Need Two

Though it may be a bit hard to believe, the style of painting that you use will actually have a significant impact on if you’re going to possibly be able to get away with one coat of paint or if two will be necessary.

When you paint the interior of your home, even in a room in which you would not otherwise need two coats of paint if you make use of a brush for the painting you should probably use a second coat of paint.

This is considered the best because of the way that brushes apply paint, it sometimes will happen that in using a brush you may leave streaks and this will necessitate a second coat of paint to make it look better.

3. Low Traffic Areas Could Get Just One

You will probably be well aware of the fact that not every room in your house is going to get nearly as much foot traffic, as it were, as others.

When you think of the rooms in your home that are a bit less popular and thus less likely to get the walls scuffed and bumped and touched, you can think about using only one coat of paint.

4. Two Coats For Longer Lasting

Another contributing factor as to whether you’re going to want to use one or two paints is if you want your paintwork to last longer.

Of course, your visceral reaction may be to say that of course, you’re going to want to have your paintwork last longer, but if you think about it there is a bit more to it.

If you know that there’s a good likelihood that the painting project you’re doing is only going to be there for a couple of years until you choose a different color, having a long lasting paint job is not going to be such a crucial thing.

5. Similar Paint Color May Only Need One

Lastly, if you are working on painting the interior of a room and you are going to be going from one color to a color that is not all that different from that color, a second color may not be necessary.

This is in contrast to if you are painting that same room but there is to be a fairly large difference between the color that exists in the room and the color that you are going to be applying.

In such cases, having that second coat of paint is going to help make sure that you don’t see the previous color.

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