5 Tips To Safely Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior in Rolling Hills, CA

2021-07-03 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Home Exterior Pressure Wash

5 Tips To Safely Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior in Rolling Hills, CA

Depending on where you live, the exterior of your home can get quite dusty and dirty in a matter of weeks — and if the last time you cleaned your home was more than a few months ago, it’s entirely possible that you have a dirty exterior.

There are many ways that you can clean the exterior of your home, but there are few things that are as effective as pressure washing, sometimes also called power washing.

The problem is that it’s quite easy to get hurt or to cause damage to your home — but if you know what you’re doing, you can avoid such issues.

With that being the case, let’s look at five tips to safely pressure wash your home exterior in Rolling Hills, CA

1. Choose The Cap Carefully

One thing that you need to realize when you are looking to power wash the exterior of your home is that your washer comes with a good number of nozzles with standard color coding, and not all of them are alike (of course!)

Your best option for most washing is going to be the green head, which is set to twenty-five degrees — it’s the least likely to cause damage to your home exterior.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have the red head, which is zero degrees (could punch a hole in the side of your home if you are not careful.

Then you have the other side, black, which is sixty-five degrees and better for using soap on the exterior of your home before washing it off.

2. Not All Soaps Are Equal

Speaking of soaps, you aren’t going to be able to use just any soap when you are cleaning the exterior of your home with your power washer — the power washer is designed for certain kinds of soap only.

If you use the wrong kinds of soap, you are risking damaging your power washer and more.

3. The Pressure Can Be Controlled

There are some that might have the notion that the pressure on a pressure washer just goes directly to full power once you squeeze the trigger — this is not the case, however.

If you gently squeeze, you will get a lot less pressure than if you squeeze as hard as possible and this makes for a big difference when you are power washing the exterior of your home.

4. Do Not Be Too Close To The Surface Being Washed

Even if you are using the right kind of cap for your power washer and you are not using too much pressure, it’s still possible to cause damage if you stand too close to the thing that is being washed.

Probably the worst thing that you can do is to presume you are at a safe distance and then start washing, not realizing that you are too close and thus immediately causing damage.

A better thing for you to do is to start off at a greater distance and then you can slowly approach as you see what is working for cleaning your home exterior.

5. Be Extra Careful With Your Roof

Lastly, let us look at what you must bear in mind when you are cleaning the roof of your home.

Firstly, if you have a roof that is covered in tiles it is going to be very difficult if not impossible for you to use a power washer because of how easily the washer will entirely remove tiles from your roof with the pressure it puts forth.

If you have a non-tile roof, you can clean your roof with your power washer — just make sure you are not actually standing on it when you are washing and of course be otherwise careful.

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