Quick Home Makeover Tips for Your Super Bowl Bash

Tips on how to quickly spruce up a home for a Super Bowl party!

The Super Bowl is not just a game; it’s an event, a reason for friends and family to gather and enjoy a day full of excitement, cheers, and, of course, great commercials. If you’re hosting this year’s Super Bowl party, you might be about ways to quickly spruce up your home to make it as welcoming and festive as possible. As a residential painting company, we’ve got you covered with some quick, easy tips to transform your space into the ultimate game-day oasis.

1. Transform with an Accent Wall

An accent wall can dramatically change the look and feel of your entertainment area. Consider painting the wall behind your TV in one of the Super Bowl team’s colors for a bold statement. If you prefer a more neutral approach, warm tones like deep blues or rich reds can create a vibrant backdrop for the game.

2. Touch-Ups Make a Big Difference

A week before the party, take a walk through your home and note any scuffs or marks on the walls. A quick touch-up on these spots, especially in high-traffic areas, can brighten your space instantly. Matching your existing paint color perfectly will ensure these touch-ups blend seamlessly.

3. Select Welcoming Colors

If you’re considering a more extensive makeover, opt for soft neutrals like beige, light gray, or “greige” for a welcoming, inclusive vibe. These colors provide a calm backdrop for vibrant Super Bowl decorations and accessories.

4. Enhance with Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right mood. Swap out bright, harsh lights for softer, warmer ones to create a cozy ambiance. Accent lighting, like LED strips or table lamps, can highlight your decor and make your space more inviting.

5. Quick Decor Fixes

Embrace the Super Bowl theme with easy decor updates. Football-themed table settings, wall hangings, and even DIY projects like painted mason jars in team colors can add a festive touch without requiring a lot of time or expense.

6. Rearrange for Optimal Viewing

Ensure everyone has a great view of the game by rearranging your furniture. This might also be the perfect time to give old furniture a quick refresh with spray paint or fabric paint for a new look.

7. The Final Touches

A clean, decluttered space is key to making your guests feel comfortable. Make sure to declutter the party area and check for any safety hazards to ensure your guests can focus on enjoying the game.


Hosting a Super Bowl party is the perfect opportunity to showcase your home with some quick and easy updates. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint on an accent wall, some strategic touch-ups, or new lighting, these simple changes can make a big impact. So grab your paintbrush and let the game begin!