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3 Important Reasons For Repainting The Exterior Of Your Home in Rolling Hills, CA

It’s always good to know when making a purchase if it’s a need or a want.

Sometimes it can seem like just a “want” to paint the exterior of your home.

However, as you will discover, it actually is a “need”.

Let’s now look at and consider three important reasons for repainting the exterior of your home in Rolling Hills, CA

1. The Paint Is A Protective Coating

Even more than the beauty and freshness of a newly painted exterior is the importance of protecting your home.

The paint is more than just beauty, it actually protects your home from the elements and what goes along with the–water damage.

Water damage can cause massive damage to your investment.

When the protective coating of paint has failed from age and weather, it leaves your home vulnerable to seeping in and all kinds of damage like mold and allergies. 

Water damage can occur when the surface of your exterior doesn’t have the protective coating of paint – whether your home has wooden siding or stucco. 

It can also occur when cracks form from the home settling each year.

Those cracks are a sure way for water to enter and create mold and other toxic allergens.

If your stucco is in good condition, water can still get inside the stucco if the protective coating is gone.

You can test the condition by running your hand on the stucco – if white “chalky” residue is left on your hands, your home is severely at risk and needs that masonry sealer and protective coating of paint fast!

Water can also enter your home and cause damage around the windows.

The elastomeric patch used to caulk between the window and the stucco can fail.

Make sure your contractor talks about this during the estimate so you know they are looking for it in advance and will patch it prior to painting.

2. Painting Your Home Can Help you Refinance Your Home

When you go to refinance your home, you’ll discover that they will most likely want you to repaint the home if it’s been a while.

They, too, know the importance of the protective coating paint provides to your investment.

By taking the time to paint your home, you will show that your house is worth the money that you say that it is, and so it is well worth doing so if you want to get your home refinanced.

3 Painting Your Home Regularly Will Keep Your Neighborhood Looking Great and House Values Up

As homeowners, your neighbors can impact the value of your home and vice versa by how well the homes are taken care of.

Proper maintenance ensures that your home and neighborhood home values stay up.

If a home hasn’t been painted in a really long time, it starts to look old and worn and it will therefore have significantly worse curb appeal, which impacts how people perceive the value of the house.

In doing so, it hurts the values of the houses in the neighborhood, which can have an almost domino effect as one house falling in value leads to other houses following suit as it were.

As you can see, there’s more to just repainting an exterior just so that it looks good. 

Repainting the exterior of your home is good protection and sealant to the weather and water damage it could otherwise have produced, can help you refinance your home, and keeps your neighborhood home values up. 

These are just a few of the reasons why painting is more than just pleasant to the eyes.

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