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7 Tips For Cleaning Your Roof in Rolling Hills, CA

Part of the responsibilities involved in owning a home is in the cleaning of it — and not just the simple interior and exterior, but even things as high up as your roof.

The cleaning of your roof can be a bit of a tricky matter, but if you are careful when you are doing it and make sure to have some knowledge about what needs to be done first, it will go a lot better.

Here are seven tips for cleaning your roof in Rolling Hills, CA

1. Try Not To Step Onto Your Roof

As tempting as it is for you to want to just get right onto your roof and start cleaning it, it can be one of the most dangerous things that you can do.

For one, unless you know that your roof can support your weight, you should not do it — lest you find yourself in a situation in which you go right through the roof and possibly get badly injured.

Even worse for you, possibly, is if you take a tumble off of the roof while you are cleaning it and you are not secured — that would possibly cause a really bad injury or worse.

2. Avoid Pressure Washers

It’s entirely possible that you have seen online videos of the mighty power of the pressure washer, but did you know that the very same pressure washer that can clean so well can also cause damage?

This is particularly the case when you have a tiled roof — if your pressure washer is just a little too high in its setting or you have the washer wand a little too close, it could possibly blow the tiles right off of the roof.

There are better solutions to your roof washing than pressure washing, to be certain.

3. Wear Protective Gear

Though you might not think that it is at all necessary to wear protective equipment while you are cleaning your roof, it’s actually quite a good idea.

The things that are up on your roof and even adjancent to your roof can harm you if you are not careful while cleaning, and having on thick gloves and goggles can protect your hands and eyes during the cleaning process.

4. Steady Your Ladder

Your ladder is likely going to be your primary way of accessing the roof — so it’s important that you have it as steady as possible while on it.

Of course, it’s even better if you have someone helping you by making sure it is steady but in absence of that, you should prepare it in advance.

5. Do Not Clean On An Overly Sunny Day

Though of course you would want to clean on a sunny day, as it is more pleasant to be out when it is sunny, it is actually not good for the purpose of cleaning your roof.

The reason that this is the case is that the cleaners that are often used on your roof can be affected by the temperature — if it’s overly sunny it will evaporate the cleaners before they can get to do their intended purpose.

6. Trim Branches

While you are up near your roof, you should take the opportunity to trim the branches near your home — if you have branches that are too close to the roof, it’s possible they will hurt your roof.

Specifically, they will do so if the branches are blown by a strong wind and then they rub against the roof.

Better to give the branches a bit of a trim and prevent this from happening.

7. Start High When Washing

Lastly, when you are washing your roof you are going to want to start from higher on the roof and work your way down.

There’s no reason to start low and go up when starting high gets the lower parts washed as you are washing it.

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