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7 Unsafe Things Never To Do When Cleaning Your Roof in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

In the process of cleaning the exterior of your home, one area that is sometimes overlooked is the roof — which is quite unfortunate as sometimes in ignoring a mess on your roof you can find yourself with problems that may even mean actual damage to your home.

However, in the pursuit of a well-cleaned roof, you need to be mindful of the possibility that you could get hurt if you aren’t careful in what you’re doing.

Let’s now look at seven unsafe things never to do when cleaning your roof in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

1. Standing On The Roof

One thing that you should never do when you’re looking to clean the roof is to actually stand on the roof itself, with few exceptions — such as if you have a good protection system and safety harnesses designed to keep you safe from falling.

Most people will just look up at their roof and presume that it will be fine – and it’s entirely possible that they can take a couple of safe steps and be okay but it only takes one bad step to have a tumble off the roof and likely into the hospital, or worse.

2. Using The Top Rung Of The Ladder

Another unsafe habit that people have is to make use of the top rung of their ladder when they’re accessing the roof.

Though you may think of the entire ladder as being equally safe, this is not the case and it’s only really the first number of rungs that are the safest.

The rest of the ladder, especially the top rung, is dangerous for you to access and should only be considered when you’re stepping off onto a higher surface (but not the roof itself, as we have discussed.)

3. Getting Moved While On A Movable Scaffolding System

When you are cleaning your roof, you may want to consider using a scaffolding system — there are some that are stationary and some that can be moved from place to place around your home.

If you use the latter (pun not intended) you will want to make sure that you get off of the scaffolding before you move it, as it’s dangerous to be on it while it is in motion.

This is so even if it seems to be a large surface on which you stand – you don’t want to be up there while the scaffolding is being moved.

4. Using Cleaners Without Knowing If They Are Roof Safe

There are many perfectly good cleaners out there meant to clean some of the stains that can be found on your roof, and so long as you follow the instructions you should have no issues.

Deciding that you are an at-home chemist and mixing up concoctions based on what the bottles describe, on the other hand, is a dangerous thing and could lead to damage to your roof and perhaps worse.

5. Using A Power Washer On Shingles

When you’re cleaning your roof, you may think about how powerful a good power or pressure washer is and therefore that it would be suitable for your roof.

In most cases, this is not the case and you could end up doing serious damage to your roof and perhaps even yourself depending on your position when you are cleaning the roof.

6. Cleaning When It Rains

When it’s raining outside it’s not a good time to clean your roof – and this has to do with one simple matter.

Since the best way to access your roof is by getting on a higher surface of some sort, the addition to rain means that the surface on which you are standing may become slippery, leading to the chance that you will suffer from a fall.

7. Ignoring Mold And Mildew

Lastly, remember that mold and mildew can cause extreme damage to your roof – and so you have to make sure to take care of it when you see it.

The sooner you can clean your roof from this kind of menace, the better off you will be.

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