5 Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tips in Rolling Hills, CA

2021-09-11 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Bathroom Cabinet Painting

5 Bathroom Cabinet Painting Tips in Rolling Hills, CA

It’s quite often that people think about their bathroom cabinets in terms of the function – they store things that you are going to be regularly used in the bathroom, and that’s about all they are worth — but they also can look nice in the bathroom and make the bathroom look nicer overall.

At a certain point, you may find yourself looking at your bathroom cabinets and wondering if it would be worth replacing them entirely — but in most cases, unless you’re really unhappy with the physical properties of the cabinets it would be worth it to take the time to paint them (or to have a good painting contractor like Cooley Brothers Painting help you to do it.)

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider five-bathroom cabinet painting tips in Rolling Hills, CA

1. Sand Before Painting

One thing that you’re going to want to do in the process of preparing your bathroom cabinets for being properly painted is to sand the surface, and this is going to be the case even if you are repainting your cabinets and not painting a new set.

The importance of the sanding process comes through the fact that you want to have a nice smooth surface on your bathroom cabinets and sanding them will get you to that smooth surface — certainly will help you get closer to it along with using a coat of primer before your coat of paint.

2. Use The Right Kind Of Paint

When you’re looking to paint the cabinets in your bathroom, you need to be mindful of the kind of paint that you are going to use – it’s a good start to use interior paint of course but you also have to make sure that the paint is going to be resistant to mold and mildew through being moisture resistant.

Though no paint is going to resist mold and mildew forever, using moisture-resistant paint is going to certainly go a long way to help you not have said mold for a longer period of time.

3. Keep Track Of The Doors And Drawers And Hardware

As you are going to be taking the doors and drawers and hardware off when you’re painting your bathroom cabinets, it’s important to have a system to meaningful keep track of these items that you have removed.

The reason is that it’s much better to put the doors and drawers and even the hardware back in the same place from where you got them – they will be a much better match to go back where they were than to try to put them back just about anywhere you might want to put them.

4. Consider New Hardware

While you are in the process of painting your bathroom cabinets and since you have already removed the hardware for the purpose of doing so, it is worth thinking about entirely replacing the hardware.

Since you’ve already removed the hardware, you might like the option to have different hardware that you can find at a generic hardware store or perhaps even a place that sells vintage hardware such as, on occasion, thrift stores, and antique shops.

5. Drop Cloth To Protect

Lastly, even though you are ‘only’ painting your bathroom cabinets, you absolutely have to lay down a good quality drop cloth underneath the area where you are painting because you don’t want the paint to get on the floor.

Think about it – it’s so much easier for you to remove a good drop cloth from the floor after finishing the painting process than to try to paint more carefully (which of course takes more time) and then have to clean the errant paint drips off of the floor.

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