2021-10-26 Cooley Brothers Painting Company Rolling Hills CA 7 Bedroom Painting Tips To Use

7 Bedroom Painting Tips To Use in Rolling Hills, CA

For most people, the bedroom is undoubtedly the best – and their favorite – spot in their homes.

As such, it’s essential to make the bedroom look like a representation of its owner.

There are many ways to style a bedroom, but painting it is undoubtedly one of the most popular options.

If you’re planning to paint your room yourself, it’s essential to know a few tricks of the trade.

Here are 7 Bedroom Painting Tips To Use in Rolling Hills, CA, to help you with your next paint job:

1. Imagine The Results

Your room is your safe space – and often reflects the owner’s personality.

Think about the different themes, styles, and motifs you could try.

Before you start painting, it’s best to have a solid idea of how you want it to look after the job.

Proper planning can help you get the results you want

2. Prepare The Room

Painting an entire room might seem like a tedious and daunting task.

But there shouldn’t be anything to worry about if your room is prepped correctly and ready for its makeover.

For starters, inspect the entire room and make a note of any areas that need a little more help before you get to priming and painting.

Fill in any holes and replace any rotten wood.

Check for any wall parts that might have peeled, cracked, or flaked off.

Scrape these off and sand them down to smoothen your walls and ceiling.

After you’ve dealt with any immediate repairs, check to see if there are any underlying problems.

When all is clear, give the area a good wash before proceeding with the job.

3. Always Use Primer

As any big painting project goes, primer goes without saying.

Paint primer does the job of concealing any stains on the surface of your walls.

It also allows for an even surface your paint can easily adhere to, making the finish look smooth with little to no imperfections.

You can use a water-based paint primer for newer walls but opt for oil-based ones if your walls have seen some damage made by water or smoke.

If you’re only doing a repaint job and your walls have been primed in the past, you’re free to use a paint-and-primer mix.

4. Check The Finish

There are many varieties of paint finish available today, and you can differentiate them from the level of glossiness they all have.

For bedrooms, the recommended paint finish would be matte or flat, as these finishes have little to no gloss and are perfect for rooms that see little traffic.

Not only do these finishes have a better color payoff, but they cost you less as well!

5. Size It Up (Or Down) With Color

Did you know that you could give the illusion of a smaller or larger room by playing with colors?

That’s right!

Brighter, more reflective colors can open up and widen your room.

Meanwhile, darker colors tend to enclose or make the room appear smaller.

6. Paint The Proper Way

There are many ways to coat your walls with paint, but one of the easiest ways to get that smooth and even finish is to use the zig-zag method.

Move your paint roller in a zig-zag, and you could use the letters W or N for reference, then fill in the blank spaces with horizontal or vertical strokes.

7. Properly Ventilate The Room

While working on and after you finish painting your bedroom, be sure to have all your doors and windows open.

The paints you’re using may have VOCs in them, so it’s important to keep your room well ventilated.

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are components in the paint that can be emitted into the air and can cause health problems when inhaled.

Protect yourself and the other members of your family by checking for any vents that could lead to other areas in the house and ventilating those too.

Make sure to do this for at least three days to maximize safety.


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