7 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home Exterior in Rolling Hills, CA

2021-04-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Exterior Painting Mistakes

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home Exterior in Rolling Hills, CA

In the pursuit of a well painted home exterior, it’s entirely possible that you will look at the scope of the project and realize just how massive it is — after all, if you take the surface area of the exterior of your home exterior, it will be of course much larger than any given interior room.

When you add the fact that you have to think about the weather (more on this later) and other exterior factors that are oftentimes well beyond your control, you want to limit the things that you can control — such as mistakes that can thwart your painting project.

Let’s look at seven mistakes to avoid when painting your home exterior in Rolling Hills, CA

1. Letting The Dogs Out (Literally)

One mistake that is often made is to allow your pets to go outside during the painting process — which is a mistake on a number of levels.

Of course you are going to need to take your dog on a walk, as it were, but that doesn’t mean that you can just then let the dogs go wherever they want.

Doing so might get you into problems with your pets knocking over supplies and making a general mess.

2. Using The Wrong Kind Of Paint

It should be well understood that when you’re painting the exterior of your home, you’re going to need to make use of only paint that is meant for home exteriors.

However, if you think about the kind of weather that you typically get in your area, you’re going to be able to find perhaps a paint that will be better in terms of protection regarding that weather.

If you see a lot of snow, for example, you wouldn’t want a paint that is better for desert environments.

3. Not Checking The Weather Forecast

Speaking of weather, it’s important that you check the weather forecast well before you start your painting.

This is because not all weather is suitable for exterior painting — if it is raining, for example, it’s never a good idea to paint.

Painting when it’s too hot outside is also not a good idea.

4. Painting From The Paint Cans

Another mistake that is easy to make is to paint directly from the paint cans rather than first putting the paint into paint trays and painting that way.

The problem with painting from cans is that you’re going to be more likely to spill paint when you’re transporting the paint from one part of your home exterior to another and it is much easier and better to apply paint to a paint roller from a paint tray than from a can.

5. Not Protecting Your Plants

As you likely have plants on the outside of your home, it’s important that you take the time to protect these plants against things like the paint that will inevitably drip as you are painting.

You can protect them with some clear plastic sheeting, but it’s important to make sure to still mist the plants with water so that they stay hydrated.

6. Not Cleaning First

You’re going to need to clean the exterior of your home before you paint your home.

By not doing so, all you’re doing is ensuring that you’re going to have quite a poor paint job — the absolute best case is that you’re going to have a paint job that is not going to last very long and one of the worst cases involves having a painted house that looks as though it is just a dirty house with paint on it.

7. Not Letting Surfaces Dry

Lastly, if you don’t let surfaces dry before you continue the painting process, you’re likely going to do damage to your painting project.

Make the time to allow surfaces to fully dry before you proceed.

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