2021-12-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Palos Verdes Estates CA Kitchen Cabinet Colors

7 Kitchen Cabinet Colors You May Like in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

In making the effort to up the look of your kitchen, you may well want to remodel and update the look of your kitchen cabinets — especially if your cabinets are in otherwise good condition but just have a sort of a dated look due to their color.

However, one big thing that you’re going to face when you want to get your kitchen cabinet painted is thinking about how you’d like to paint them — what color or colors are going to be ideal for your kitchen cabinets.

Though the choice you make is ultimately going to be yours, we are more than happy to suggest a few ideas that might just spark your imagination as far as color choices go.

Let’s look at seven kitchen cabinet colors you may like in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

1. Green

One fairly excellent color that you’re going to want to think about using for your kitchen cabinets is the color green.

There are so many colors that are inspired by nature and it so happens that green is one of them, and when you take a stroll outside you can see exactly how that is the case.

2. Yellow and Black

A good color pair that some people do not think about too often is the colors yellow and black.

The question will come up as to whether you are going to make yellow the primary color and black the secondary color or vice versa, and this will be really dependent on if you like more of a yellow or a black look to your kitchen.

3. Black and Green

Speaking of making use of the color black, have you thought about how you can actually make use of the pair of colors that are black and green?

Here too you might want to use more green than black, but at the same time, the amount of color you use is to your discretion.

The good thing about using this pairing is that you can really bring out some of the better qualities of the green in doing so.

4. Orange

Another delightful color that you may want to think about using for your kitchen is that of orange.

There are many colors that have a positive effect on our environment, and orange happens to be one of the – orange brings energy and excitement to the area where you find it, which is quite a good thing for your kitchen cabinets.

5. Light Blue

Another thing you should think of in terms of the power of the psychological effect is the color of light blue, which has positive psychological effects on the people that experience it.

Light blue can have a very calming effect on one, which is quite a positive thing as you can imagine for your kitchen area.

6. Pink

A color that you might not think of as being at all relevant to a kitchen area is pink, except of course for the use that people most closely associate it with which happens to be some sort of dream house.

Depending on the shade of pink that you use, you can certainly make a really nice looking set of kitchen cabinets that are pink and it can brighten up your entire kitchen.

7. Purple

Lastly, you can think about how immensely better your kitchen can possibly look when you make use of the color purple for your kitchen cabinets.

Purple colors, like the one that was recently chosen to be the Pantone color of the year (known as Very Peri), can bring a sort of rich look to your kitchen cabinets.

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