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7 Ways To Boost Curb Appeal On A Budget in Rolling Hill, CA

When you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, it’s entirely possible that you are going to be put off from even starting because you find out that it can cost a lot of money to make your home look nicer.

The truth is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to improve your curb appeal, albeit it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a bit of a budget when you’re improving your exterior.

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider seven ways to boost curb appeal on a budget in Rolling Hill, CA.

1. Clean Your Walkway

One way that you can boost your curb appeal and not end up spending all that much money is to simply clean your walkway.

It’s possible that you haven’t noticed the kind of care that your walkway needs, as you see it just about every day, but you might want to look at it from an outside perspective — how do other people see the walkway?

If you spot things that need to be picking up, it can be a long and tedious task but it is worth doing.

2. Weed Your Garden

Among the list of things that need to be done that might take a lot of time but are worth it, weeding your garden is fairly high on the priorities list.

This is because the look of a garden is really nice, but the look of a garden that’s overrun with weeds is… less nice.

Make the time to weed your garden so that it looks its best.

3. Pick Up Litter

Further along, the line of ways to improve your curb appeal without blowing a big budget is to take the time to pick up litter that may be in your yard.

It doesn’t matter how it got there — litter just doesn’t look good, and if you leave it there it can get even worse looking.

Better to get it as soon as you see it so that your front yard doesn’t have a rather unpleasant appearance.

4. Paint Your Exterior Trim

If you’re looking to improve the way that your home looks but you don’t have the budget to paint the entire exterior of your home, you may want to consider painting just the exterior trim.

Though it may not seem like painting trim is going to do all that much for you, the truth is that you can make quite a difference in how your home looks this way.

This is true even if you choose to paint your trim a contrasting color and not the same color as the rest of the house.

5. Plant A Front Garden

If you thought your front yard looked good when you had just a lot of grass, imagine how much nicer it will look if you have a proper garden there instead.

You can make a variety of shapes with your garden and it will look quite nice there.

6. Clean Your Roof

Among some of the better ways that you can improve your curb appeal while staying on budget is to clean your roof fully.

On top of making your home look better from a distance, you are going to also be improving the overall health of your home as oftentimes a dirty roof is just waiting to become a roof that is damaged and leaking.

7. Planting Flowers

Lastly, think about the simple act of planting some flowers (and not necessarily in a garden style formation) in your yard in order to improve the look of your home.

It is the kind of thing that can be accomplished with a little time, a little effort, and the investment in seeds or starter plants, of course.

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