2022-10-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Guest Room Painting Tips

Guest Room Painting Tips To Learn In Rolling Hills, CA

In making your home look nicer, you may not consider your guest room as it is sometimes one of the rooms in the house that may be used less often — after all, you’re really only using it when you have a guest over.

The good to know is that if you take the time to learn about some key techniques, your guest room can look much better, sometimes at a better price as well.

Let’s have a look at some guest room painting tips to learn for a better painted guest room.

1. Consider A Welcoming Color

One thing that you’re going to want to do when you’re looking at painting your guest room is to make use of a color that is more welcoming than not – it’s your guest room, after all.

Of course, ultimately it’s your house and your guest room that is being painted, so you are going to know best what is going to look nice in the room but when you think about the average guest that is going to be staying there, it may be nice to make use of a color or colors that will help them feel relaxed.

One color that may meet this need quite nicely is a light blue, which studies have shown really relaxes people.

2. Clean The Walls First

The process of painting the walls in any given interior room of your house can be quite tricky, and with the guest room this is certainly not an exception.

You have to have good surfaces upon which you are going to be painting, and this means that you should start off by cleaning the walls thoroughly.

If you can just think about dirty walls and what they have on them (dust, grime, the like) and how just applying a coat or two of paint to them would look… like dirt with paint on it… you can understand why you should clean before painting.

Make the time to clean the walls and then allow them to fully dry before you move on to the next step in the painting process.

3. Remove Furniture If Possible

There are few things that are more disruptive to the painting process than stumbling over something that is in the way — and certainly something you don’t want to get covered in paint.

By removing carefully the furniture from the room, you eliminate the possibility of getting any paint on it and you also have an easier time walking around the room as you paint.

Naturally, sometimes it is more difficult to remove furniture and when this is the case you should look at moving it to the middle of the room or away from the walls and covering it with drop cloth or tarp.

4. Think Of Accompanying Decor

As you are painting the walls of your guest room, it is a good idea to look around the room and think about the decor that could go into the room.

Being a guest room, there are certain key items that typically go there and it’s a good idea to have them — and if you look to your walls that are freshly painted it may be nice to have them go together.

5. Paint More Slowly To Achieve Better Results

Lastly, remember that one of the worst things that you can do in the course of painting your guest bedroom is to paint too quickly.

Though you may think that you’re doing yourself a favor by getting the painting done more quickly, all you’re really doing is making possible painting mistakes and thus causing the need to ultimately spend more time painting.

Take your time while you paint and you will find that it will look that much better.

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