2022-03-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Palos Verdes Estates CA Powder Room Painting Tricks

Powder Room Painting Tricks in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Your powder room may be one of the last places you would necessarily think of painting and yet it’s a room that requires the occasional paint job, and if you’re going to be doing it you may as well make the time to do it correctly.
The good thing to know is that if you spend some time learning about some basic techniques for painting your powder room you will end up with a much nicer looking powder room at a better price, even.

Let’s have a look at some powder room painting tricks in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

1. Removing Furniture

One fairly simple thing that you’re going to want to do before you even start the actual painting of your powder room is to get the furniture out of the room to the best of your ability.

The significance of this is fairly high though if you are absolutely unable to do it there are things that you can do instead to make the painting project go better — in that you are going to want to have things out of the way so you neither stumble over them nor accidentally get paint on them.

Of course, if you do happen to be unable to get these things out of the room you’re going to be able to simply move them away from the walls while you are painting and cover them with tarps and drop cloths so you don’t get paint on them.

2. Sand And Clean Before Primer

You are possibly thinking that all you really have to do is get a good clean surface for your painting and then you’ll be able to get the paint on the wall but this is really not the case.

Your painting work will go much better if you have a smooth surface upon which to apply your paint and you will do well for yourself if you first sand the surfaces being painted, and then clean these surfaces, and lastly apply a good coat of primer before you apply the first coat of paint.

Sanding will get your surfaces smoother and easier to paint, and then you must remove the sanding dust (you don’t want this sanding dust in the paint, right?)

Applying that coat of primer before the paint will get the surface even more smooth and properly adhesive for your subsequent paint.

3. Choose Your Colors According To The Furniture And Taste

You’re going to want to be quite careful when you’re looking to choose the color or colors that are going to go onto the walls of your powder room.

Of course, there are so many colors from which you’ll be able to choose but not all of them are going to be quite appropriate for your powder room.

You’re ideally going to want to have a good look around the room and think about the colors of the furniture as well as the kind of mood or theme, emotionally speaking, that you are going to want to bring into the room with the color choices that you make and base the paint colors on this.

It will help quite a bit to get some real samples to use to make sure that what you see in your mind meshes well with what it will actually look like in reality.

4. Use Good Quality Paint Brushes And Rollers

Lastly, you should make sure that the paint brushes and rollers that you use are of good quality and not the most basic bargain priced ones that you can find.

This will ensure that you have a better time (in terms of ease of use) painting your powder room and that your paintbrushes and rollers don’t fall to little pieces while you are using them – leaving parts of them in the paint itself, which is never a pleasant thing to behold.

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