Living Room Painting Prep In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

2022-09-26 Cooley Brothers Painting Palos Verdes Estates CA Living Room Painting Prep

Living Room Painting Prep In Palos Verdes Estates, CA

As you think about the ways in which you can make your home look nicer from an aesthetic perspective, the notion of painting your living room may be appealing.

It’s worth noting that one of the best ways that you can find yourself with a well painted living room is by preparing for the painting project in advance — and if you know how to do it well, you can save money on the painting project and even time.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for living room painting prep that will help you paint a better living room.

1. Know What Color You Are Using

Well in advance of starting your painting endeavor, you should be aware of what color or colors (as you can use a second color in painting) you are going to be painting the walls.

Naturally, this decision will be a lot easier if you are only painting for the sake of refreshing the look of the room and you don’t want to change the color as it will be already made for you, as it were.

If you want to change the look of the room entirely with a new color, it is going to require really considering the colors that are already in the room (such as your furniture) and then thinking about what color or colors will coordinate with those colors.

2. Choose A Type Of Paint

There are fundamentally a couple of types of paint that you can use when you’re painting your living room and the question that you’re going to need to ask yourself as you are choosing the sort of paint — how often do you anticipate cleaning?

For example, if you suspect that you are going to be cleaning fairly often (perhaps you have the kind of home dwellers that tend to walk away with food on their hands and thus necessitate a regular cleaning) you will want glossy paint so that it is as easy to clean as wiping with a moist cloth.

On the other hand, if you think your walls will not likely need to be cleaned (perhaps you are careful enough to not walk around with food covered fingers) you can make use of flat paint — not the kind of paint you can clean, but to some, it looks better than glossy paint.

3. Protect Floors

Remember that paint does have a tendency to drip down as you apply it to surfaces, so it is well worth putting down a drop cloth or tarp that is paint resistant before you start painting.

The significance of such a protective material is that when you are painting, you aren’t likely to be able to paint without getting paint on the floor and if the floor isn’t protected, you will find paint actually on the floor and it is quite difficult to remove.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to lay down some drop cloth that is paint resistant and know that you will have fewer issues with your painting.

4. Measure Your Surfaces Being Painted

Lastly, remember that you’re going to want to measure all of the surfaces being painted — and there are two good reasons for you to do this.

One is that you’re going to be able to figure out how much paint and primer you will need for painting the walls — an important thing when you want to save money and not waste money on these.

The other is that by knowing how much space is going to be painted, you can figure out how long it’s going to take and therefore make a good plan for it.

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