2021-11-26 Cooley Brothers Painting Company Rolling Hills CA 5 Signs That You Need To Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets

5 Signs That You Need To Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets In Rolling Hills, CA

One of the essential areas of a home is the kitchen, and as such, it should be beautified and maintained.

Your kitchen cabinetry serves as a functional space for storage and the eye-catcher of your kitchen.

Many kitchen designs revolve around its cabinetry, so how it looks and is essential to completing your kitchen aesthetic.

Sometimes, be it due to damages, time, or just to give it a refresh, your kitchen cabinets may need to be repaired or refinished.

To help you decide if your kitchen needs a makeover, here are 5 Signs That You Need To Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets In Rolling Hills, CA.

1. Low Storage Capacity

One of the main functions of your kitchen cabinets is to serve as a storage area for your kitchenware and non-perishables.

Storage should never be an issue for you, and if you find yourself jamming pots and pans or just placing your goods on countertops, then it’s time to think about remodeling your kitchen.

Sure, you can find lots of ways to keep a kitchen organized, but with the fast pace of daily life and the occasional laziness, maintaining a highly organized kitchen might just be a temporary solution.

When it feels like your cabinetry is a little too small or cramped for your needs, consider adding new cabinets to your kitchen or having custom cabinets installed.

2. Your Cabinets Are The Worse For Wear

Your kitchen cabinets are very susceptible to water damage due to leaks or wet kitchenware, and if it isn’t caught in time, then the wood could face severe deterioration.

Once the wood is damaged, it rots and becomes warped, making it difficult to close the cabinet doors.

In worse cases, undetected leaks could allow for mold to grow and endanger your family’s health.

If your cabinets have gone through some excessive wear and tear, it’s high time to have them fixed, replaced, or remodeled.

3. Your Cabinets Look Outdated

Sometimes, there isn’t really anything wrong with your kitchen in terms of functionality.

But having the same look for a long time can get boring, so if it seems like your kitchen looks like a postcard picture from a different era, then that’s a sign to keep up with the times.

You don’t have to shell out large amounts of cash to make your kitchen look modern.

An affordable way to upgrade your kitchen cabinets and walls is to give it a new paint job with fresher, sleeker colors.

But if you don’t mind spending a bit, you could invest in more modern appliances and additional kitchen equipment to decorate your cooking space.

Not only will your cabinets look brand new, but you’ll have a newfound appreciation for your kitchen!

4. You Want To Support Changes In Your Life

So you’ve decided to switch things up a bit with the way you live your life, and what better way to motivate you to keep up with the change than to alter your home along with it?

A change in your lifestyle plays a significant role in deciding what your home looks like – and that goes for your kitchen’s appearance too.

Having a physical representation of your lifestyle can increasingly help you ease into it better, so if you’re a young adult who wants to seem more professional, you could try to go for more modern and sophisticated themes for your cabinets.

Or if you’re a person expecting kids soon, you should remodel your cabinets in a way that it’s child-safe lest they decide to play in the kitchen when they’re older.

5. You Have Future Plans Of Selling Your House

If you’re planning to sell your house soon, then making sure your kitchen is pleasing and working is a must.

Upping your kitchen’s aesthetics also means upping your home’s resale value.

One of the very first things buyers will want to check when looking for a new home is a kitchen, so if you think your kitchen looks like it needs a bit of work, you should go with your guts.

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