7 Colors For Painting Your Living Room Ceiling in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

2021-10-18 Cooley Brothers Painting Palos Verdes Estates CA Living Room Ceiling Colors

7 Colors For Painting Your Living Room Ceiling in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

It’s entirely possible that you are with the people who hold the opinion that a ceiling should have a neutral color, such as plain white, and that there’s no reason to paint your ceiling any other color.

This does not have to be the case, however – there are quite a number of colors that you can use for your ceiling, many of which will verily enhance the look of your ceiling and give it an entirely different look and mood.

Let’s look at seven colors for painting your living room ceiling in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

1. Light Blue

One particularly good color that you can use for your living room ceiling is that of light blue.

Light blue is one of the better colors that you can use if you like to feel more relaxed so to speak because the color itself can be quite soothing and relaxing for people.

Blue gives feelings of peace and tranquility and you can just imagine that light blue does even more of this.

2. Gray

If you’re looking to paint your ceiling a color that is more subtle than a blue might be and yet want to have just a modicum of color up there, you may do well with gray.

Another good benefit to gray is that unlike white, you are going to have a bit of a harder time discerning when there are certain stains on the ceiling.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t periodically clean your ceiling, of course — just that in between cleanings it will be a bit less obvious that it’s in need of it.

3. Eggshell

When it comes to colors that are as subtle as can be, you pretty much can’t do any better than eggshell.

It’s not too difficult to imagine what color eggshell is, as it’s pretty much implied — the color of a standard eggshell.

The nice thing about painting your ceiling eggshell is that it gives a nice warm feel to the ceiling.

4. Yellow

Speaking of warmth, you really can’t do too much better than the color yellow when it comes to painting your living room ceiling.

It’s well worth noting that there are a lot of shades of yellow that are more appropriate than others, though of course you are ultimately going to be the best authority on what is going to look good in your living room.

5. Light Orange

A good light orange can also be the right color for your living room ceiling, though here as well you should take caution in choosing the appropriate shade of orange.

Light orange brings to mind the color of the fruit of course and it can brighten up the setting of your living room and add just a bit of joy.

6. Violet

Violet has the distinction of being one of the seven colors that was specifically identified by Isaac Newton as being part of visible light.

It also makes for a rather pleasant color on your ceiling – being not too dark as some shades of purple tend to be, and yet not being overly bright.

7. Black

Lastly there is the color black, which some find to be a rather controversial color when it comes to choosing a color for your living room ceiling for a couple of significant reasons.

People tend to look at the color black in terms of interior painting and think of it as a color that will make the room look smaller and darker overall but this is not necessarily going to always be the case.

Indeed, depending on how you apply it and what else you have going on in the room.

So long as you are careful with your application you can avoid having a living room that is a literal dark room.

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