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7 Tricks For Reducing Mess When Exterior Painting in Palos Verdes Estates, CA

It’s almost inevitable that when you are looking to paint your home exterior, you will cause some mess — the very nature of painting leads to a bit of a mess, and yet there are things you can do to reduce this mess.

By taking the time to put these steps into action, you may not entirely remove the possibility of a mess, but you won’t have as much of one as you would if you didn’t take them.

With this being the case, let’s look at seven tricks for reducing mess when exterior painting in Palos Verdes Estates, CA.

1. Using Higher Quality Paint Brushes And Rollers

One of the most straightforward ways that you can reduce mess when you’re painting the exterior of your home is to skip the dollar section of the store when you’re looking to purchase paint brushes and rollers and go straight for those of a higher quality.

Though it’s true that the cost of an exterior painting project can be quite high, going cheap on your paint brushes and rollers is not the way to go – indeed, it may end up costing you more after you take into account the cost you ultimately will have in cleaning up the messes that will almost inevitably be made by such brushes.

Moreover, the painting process is a bit more difficult when you’re using lower end brushes and rollers — so you should take on the additional expense of better brushes and not suffer in the end.

2. Applying Primer Before Painting

There are a few reasons you should apply primer before you paint, and one of them has to do with the fact that it helps you to make less of a mess.

The reason that this is the case is that since primer is more adhesive than painting without primer, you will do a better job.

3. Sanding And Removing Sanding Dust

Another way that you’re going to be able to get a less messy exterior paint job is to make sure that you sand the surface that you are going to be painting and when you are finished, to remove the sanding dust from the surface.

You can just imagine the mess that you would make when you are painting if you sand and then allow the sanding dust to stay on the surface.

4. Taking Your Time While Painting

It’s fairly well known that painting the exterior of your home is a time consuming thing — and of course there are ways for you to save time while you are painting, but rushing your paint work is not one you should consider.

When you rush painting, you are more likely to make painting mistakes that then need to be cleaned.

5. Painting Only On Overcast Days

It’s probably pretty obvious that you should not paint while it is raining – though some are going to try to do it anyway just to get their painting done.

You should also not try to paint when it is too bright and sunny, as you are going to end up with exterior paint that is drying too quickly, and this will make for a rather unpleasant paint job.

6. Laying Down Protective Drop Cloths

Paint that falls down onto the ground or your walkway is quite difficult to clean up — but if you lay down drop cloths first, you will avoid this mess entirely.

Is it true that you will then have to contend with drop cloths — you will — and yet this is so much better than grass covered in paint.

7. Not Painting Directly From Paint Buckets

Lastly, do not paint directly from paint buckets.

Firstly, you are looking at having a harder time painting – getting paint on your paint roller is easier when you’re using a paint tray.

Secondly, you’re more likely to spill when you use a paint bucket versus a paint tray.

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