Attic Painting Tricks To Know In Rolling Hills, CA

2023-02-03 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Attic Painting Tricks

Attic Painting Tricks To Know In Rolling Hills, CA

In your entire home, your attic may be one of the most likely to be in need of painting in the times you would not particularly expect.

Despite this, it’s worth making the time to learn how to properly paint your attic — and there are things that you can do to improve the paintwork.

With that being the case, let’s have a look at some tips for painting your attic that will keep it looking its best.

1. Know How To Best Ventilate

One thing that’s going to separate your attic painting project from the other rooms in the house is the way that you will be ventilating.

It is often the case that it is more difficult to ventilate the attic due to limited access points to the room, and if you have windows in the attic you certainly should take advantage of them.

If you don’t have those available to you, however, you very well may need to have the door leading to the attic open and perhaps even have an exhaust fan blowing out the stale and paint fume filled air.

2. Clean Before You Start

As you are going to be painting your attic, it’s key for you to make sure that the areas you are going to be painting are fully clean.

Even though you will be putting down some tarp or drop cloth to protect your floor from the dripping paint, it’s nevertheless important to clean the area nearby in addition to the future painted surface.

By cleaning you will be sure that the dust that is so often prominent in an attic will not make its way up to the walls that you are painting.

Make the time, of course, to allow your surface that will be painted to dry before you move onto the next step of the painting process.

3. Be Creative In Color Choice

At times when you are working on painting an interior room, you think about the purpose of the room and based on that what kind of color palette you would want to use in that room.

However, this does not mean that when you are painting an attic you should go bland, as it were, in making your color choices — there are many colors that would be perfectly excellent as far as looks go.

The thing that you should bear in mind as you are choosing your attic color is that if you want to go bold in choice this is perfectly fine, so long as the color or colors look good with the rest of the room.

This means that the color should coordinate to some extent with the rest of the room.

4. Use Quality Brushes And Rollers

There are many ways that you’re going to be able to save money on your painting project, but to use anything other than fairly good quality paint brushes and paint rollers would be a mistake.

This is not to say that you have to use expensive brushes or rollers by any means, but neither should you get your brushes and rollers from the dollar section of your local big box store — these are not going to be the brushes you will want to use for painting your attic.

You will be poorly served by these lower priced brushes and rollers because they make it more difficult to apply paint to your surfaces being painted but it also introduces the possibility that you will get bristles or other parts of your brush and roller in the paint.

It’s much better to go for better quality brushes and rollers and get improved paintwork from them.

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