Nursery Painting Tips To Learn in Rolling Hills, CA

2022-08-03 Cooley Brothers Painting Rolling Hills CA Nursery Painting Tips

Nursery Painting Tips To Learn in Rolling Hills, CA

In updating the look of any given room, you have to think about how you might want to paint it — and when you are converting a standard room into a nursery for your baby, this is moreso the case as you wouldn’t paint a nursery the same way you would a family room, for example.

To ensure a well painted nursery, it’s a good idea to follow some fundamental tips for the painting of a room such as this one — and it will make for a better painted room as well.

Let’s have a look at some nursery painting tips to learn for an improved painting process.

1. Making Use Of No-VOC Paint

The way that paint has been improved over the last few decades is truly remarkable — and one way in which it has improved is that there are paints you can get that are free of volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) that many people now avoid altogether, but certainly more so for rooms where you will find younger home residents such as your nursery!

By making use of no-VOC paint you will have a room where you don’t have unpleasant fumes coming off for a long time after painting has completed.

2. Choose A Color Carefully

As far as colors go, you may know that you aren’t going to be able to paint just any color that you may dream of for your baby’s nursery.

It’s true that the newborn baby does not really have a good ability to perceive colors or even just about anything at a distance, however that phase does pass and eventually you may want to have a color or colors that would be aesthetically pleasing to more than just you.

It is good to make use of colors like soft blues and greens, as well as different tones of white that are not too bright so as to not overpower your young denizen.

3. Clean Before Painting

In getting ready to paint your baby’s nursery, it’s quite important to ensure that you have a surface that is ready to be painted first — and one of the big things that should be done is to clean.

This means that not only will you have to clean the surface that will be cleaned but the area in the room near where you are going to be painted — it’s good to have less dust and mess near where you will be painting.

It’s a good idea to fully clean the walls that are to be painted and then allow time to pass for them to dry — if you don’t allow time for surfaces to dry, you will have many painting problems later on.

4. Remove Furniture

You may be well aware that anything that is in the way of your painting is going to make for a more difficult painting process — and this includes the furniture that could be there.

Of course, the simplest thing in terms of ensuring that the furniture is not there is to plan on painting the room before bringing in the furniture, but this is not always possible — sometimes, after all, you don’t realize that you have to paint until the furniture has been brought in.

If it turns out that you have no way of removing certain furniture from the nursery, you can always do the following — move the furniture as close to the center of the room as you can and then cover it with either tarp or drop cloth that will prevent paint from going through.

Doing so will keep the furniture out of the way and also keep that furniture paint free.

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